Using Zulip via email

With Zulip, it is possible for some members of you organization to participate from their email client, without opening the Zulip app after the initial setup is complete.

Subscribe a Zulip stream to a mailing list

  1. Create a mailing list to use with Zulip, or use an existing one.

  2. Create a Zulip stream that will receive mailing list traffic, or use an existing one.

  3. Find the email address for the stream you created. You can customize the details of how emails are formatted in Zulip using the Configuration options.

  4. Add the email address for the stream to the mailing list.

New emails sent to the email list will now be mirrored to the stream.

Setup instructions for email users

If you want to interact with Zulip primarily (or entirely) via your email client:

  1. Subscribe to any streams you are interested in.

  2. Go to Notifications.

  3. In the Notification triggers table, make sure both of the checkboxes under Email are checked.

  4. Close the Zulip window. Zulip does not send email notifications while you are actively engaging with the web application.

New Zulip messages will now be delivered to your email account. You can reply directly to the emails coming from Zulip, and your replies will be posted in the appropriate topic or direct message conversation on Zulip.